• motivate your child


    Positive academic motivation not only helps a child succeed in school, but helps the child to see that learning is rewarding and important in all aspects of life.

    There are many things a parent can do to increase their child’s academic motivation.


    Encourage Positive Family Relationships and Responsibility.

    • Provide reasonable structure to help children become independent and responsible.
    • Teach your child to be responsible at home by assigning chores and maintaining expectations for proper behavior. Self-discipline at home can transfer to school-related learning.
    • Take time to do fun things with your child individually and as a family.
    • Have regular conversations with your child and provide time to listen to his or her interests and concerns.
    • Praise your child for both trying hard and being successful.


    Model the Importance of Learning

    • Plan family outings that encourage learning, such as visits to the library, museum, or park.
    • Let your child know that you think learning is important and is the central purpose of school.
    • Talk with your child about your interests and likes.
    • Let your child see you reading. Talk about what you read.
    • Show an interest in what goes on at school and talk with your child about it.



Last Modified on August 26, 2022