• Tests

    1. Tests will be composed of multiple-choice, short answer, and essay-type questions.

    2. If we are testing remotely, there will be a time limit on the testing window within Illuminate based on 45 seconds per multiple-choice, 60 seconds per short answer, and 5-10 minutes per essay question. 

    3. You will complete the test on the Illuminate platform on the locked browser.

    5. Reassessment opportunities are available usually the week following the test. Reassessments will  require the successful completion of remediation work. Reassessments take place in my classroom after school.

    .....Test reassessments will take place after school in room 233 from 3:25 pm-4:30 pm. The day will be communicated through Remind.com. If you can not make the day/time of the reassessment, then your next opportunity to reassess will be on the midterm Benchmark Assessment given at the mid and end points of the semester.