• When and how to submit assignments

    1. All assignments will be turned in on Google Classroom by deadline on the day they are due. 

    2. You will need one of the following on the scan of the document you are submitting: old or new school ID, any other ID you happen to have, small recent school picture, or the address off of a piece of mail that was sent to you. No credit will be given without ID in the scan. Unfortunately, I cannot upload an example to this page. However, I will create a topic in Google Classroom with an example. If none of those work for you, let me know and I will provide you with something for you to use. 

    3. Example of how to turn in your assignment correctly so that it receives a grade: Example

    3. There is a scan function on the Google Classroom app.

    4. If you wish, you can also use your phone to scan your paper and turn in:



    ....Android Phone


    ....Google Drive



    ....It is important that you turn in an image of your paper as described above so that it can be graded as a .pdf file otherwise I cannot grade it. When you submit an image as a .jpg or .jpeg file by just taking picture of it, when I zoom in I can't see most of your paper and so I can't grade the paper.