• Red Oak Elementary

    What to Expect from Virtual Learning


    What it is...

    An intentional learning experience that requires innovative teaching and significant parent support. Students will work through online, self-paced lessons, assessments, small group experiences, and will be supported by live instruction. Student/school relationships will provide a foundation for all learning. Following a daily schedule, teachers will provide routines, structures, lessons, and feedback.

     What it is not...

    Traditional school….although teachers will be intentional and provide effective instruction for students, virtual school will not directly mirror traditional school.  Short live sessions will enhance the student learning experience. Teachers cannot provide the supervision necessary for students to be successful. More than ever, a collaborative, positive relationship between home and school is imperative to student success.

     ROE Promises to….

    • Build relationships with students
    • Engage students in the virtual classroom
    • Check in on students frequently
    • Include social emotional learning
    • Acknowledge student experiences
    • Focus on student engagement
    • Engage in small group instruction to meet student needs
    • Provide students with feedback for their learning
    • Train parents on virtual tools and digital citizenship
    • Provide families with a daily schedule
    • Ensure clear and concise instructions

    ROE Needs…

    • Parent/adult involvement
    • Flexibility
    • Open communication between the school and home
    • Hold students accountable
    • Encourage assessment integrity in online environment