• Bucket                              

    How Full Is Your Bucket? - ByTom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer 

    Allows students to develop and maintain healthy relationships with others, including the ability to resist negative social pressures, resolve interpersonal conflict, and seek help when needed.

    SEL Competency: Relationship Skills

    SEL Skill: Empathy, diversity appreciation, respect


    I'm New Here  

    I’m New Here By - Anne Sibley

    Being the new kid in class is never easy, especially when you do not speak the same language as everyone else. I’m New Here follows three young immigrants who make the transition of schools and cultures with the help of their classmates and teachers.

    SEL Competency: Social Awareness

    SEL Skill: Empathy, diversity appreciation, respect


    Rulers of the Playground

    Rulers of the Playground - By Joseph Kuefler

    Jonah declares himself ruler of the playground and everyone reluctantly agrees. All but one that is because Lennox wants to be ruler too. The conflict pushes all their friends away forcing Lennox and Jonah to share the park and discover how to be kind to their friends.

    SEL Competency: Relationship Skills

    SEL Skill: Conflict resolution, teamwork, listening skills


    Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie - By Laura Rankin

    Ruthie loves tiny objects, and the teeny camera she finds in the playground is no exception. She loves it so much she lies to her teacher and friend to keep it, but soon learns that a lie is not worth the weight on her shoulders.

    SEL Competency: Self Management, Decision Making

    SEL Skill: Impulse control, managing emotions, analyzing situations


    Wemberly Worried - By Kevin Henkes 

    All Wemberly can do all day is worry about everything, big or small. Friendship and empathy shows her relaxing, even a little bit is just fine.

    SEL Competency: Self Management

    SEL Skill: Identifying emotions, expressing emotions, managing emotions



    Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl’s Courage Changed Music - By Margarita Engle

    In this story, based on Cuban drummer Millo Castro Zaldarriaga’s life, the Drum Dream Girl had a simple task: to play the drums with the rest of the men on the island. She overcomes the taboo against girls drumming, changing the course of music in Cuba forever.

    SEL Competency: Decision Making, Social Awareness

    SEL Skill: Solving problems, goal setting, leadership, empathy, respect for differences, diversity appreciation