• Who are School Social Workers?

          School Social Workers are professionally trained service providers who act as the link between the home, school and community.  School Social Workers have extensive training in human development and behavior, mental health theory and practice, systems theory, organizational development, policy development and social science research methods. School Social Workers are skilled in providing individual, family and group counseling, completing assessments (identifying barriers to school and personal success) and developing and implementing prevention and intervention strategies.  School Social Workers serve on multidisciplinary teams and collaborate with various school personnel and community stakeholders to better meet the academic, social, emotional and behavioral needs of students.

          School Social Workers are required to hold a Master of Social Work degree and are certified through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.  Several School Social Workers hold community leadership positions, serve on child advocacy coalitions, hold clinical licenses, teach at the collegiate level and develop policies and procedures related to educational success.

          Reasons to Refer to your School Social Worker

             Services can include, but are not limited to:

    • Mental health issues
    • Crisis intervention
    • Conflict resolution/mediation
    • Medical/physical health issues
    • Resource coordination/referrals to community agencies
    • Academic and discipline issues
    • School attendance problems/truancy
    • Family problems
    • School age pregnancy
    • Bullying
    • Domestic violence and student violence
    • Suicidal/self-harm statements
    • Substance abuse
    • Child abuse and neglect suspicions
    • Homelessness/transition issues
    • SST and IEP involvement
    • Teacher/Administrator consultation
    • School improvement planning
    • Evidence-based strategies for behavior intervention plans
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