• Ms. Reece

    Hello parents and students! My name is Marie Reece, a proud teacher of Autism. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Special Education, and have 17 years of teaching experience. I am blessed with a beautiful family of three boys and an amazing husband.

    I am sincerely honored to be a part of the staff of Dutchtown Middle School, and there is nothing more enriching than working with my students. I teach a group of exceptional students, and I expect the best from them. I work assiduously to maximize my students’ potential. It brings me great joy to see my students make breakthroughs in their progress, even in small ways.

    I look forward to a fantastic year as we work closely together. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and/or concerns during 8 am-4:30 pm Mondays-Fridays.


  • Ms. Ragsdale

    Hello parents and students, I am so excited for the upcoming school year. I know this is a major shift in environment for everyone, but I can assure you we will have an AWESOME year. This is my first year at Duthctown Middle school. I have worked in education for a couple of years and I also have experience in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). I am a proud fur mom to a dog name Diesel. I am glad to be apart of the Dutchtown team and I am excited to know more about each student.