• Public Participation at a Meeting of the Henry County Board of Education

    The purpose of public participation is for the Board to hear public comment regarding items on the posted agenda or other subjects pertinent to the Board and the Henry County Schools community.  To facilitate public input, the agenda for a regular meeting of the Board shall include an opportunity for public participation.  While the Board cannot provide a specific or individualized response to each speaker, the Board will consider the comments and any supporting materials the speaker may provide. 

    To ensure the orderly pursuit of business, public participation at a regular meeting of the Board will be managed according to the following procedures:

    1. The business session of each regular board meeting will include the opportunity for public participation.
      1. Generally, each speaker will be allotted up to three (3) minutes to address the Board.
      2. If there is an adjustment to the allotted time, the presiding Board Officer will inform all speakers prior to the start of public participation.
    2. Individuals must sign in to address the Board. 
      1. The sign-in station is located at the front desk near the entrance to the Board Room. 
      2. The sign-in period is 6:00 p.m. to 6:55 p.m.
      3. Speakers must be present to sign in.   
      4. A group should designate a spokesperson.
    3. The presiding Board Officer or designee will facilitate the public comment process.
      1. Speakers will be heard in the order in which they signed in. 
      2. Speakers are not permitted to yield their time slot or remaining time to another person.
      3. Speakers are permitted to submit written comments and supporting documents (six copies).
      4. Speakers must be courteous and professional.  Profane, vulgar or defamatory comments are not permitted. 
      5. Speakers may address the full board only.  Speakers must refrain from directing comments to individual board members, the Superintendent or staff.
      6. Speakers will not be permitted to use this public forum to discuss any confidential matter or to voice a complaint that publicly names an individual student, employee, elected official, or community member.
      7. A time clock will be visible to the speaker.  Speakers must stop speaking promptly when signaled. 
      8. The presiding Board Officer or designee may immediately end a speaker’s time slot for failure to abide by the above procedures.
      9. A designated staff person will be available at the meeting to provide assistance to speakers.
      10. The Superintendent or designee will confer with the Board Chair regarding any request for follow up with a speaker. 

    Please note: Your comments are welcome. Although the Board is listening, the Board is not permitted to respond to comments during this time. However, speakers will receive follow up communication after the meeting.