• Translation and Interpretation Services

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    Our office will translate forms, event flyers/agendas, school-wide communications, district communications, and general information on display for parents. (Other documents upon approval.)

    We DO NOT translate legal documents, homework assignments, or classroom-specific communications. This statement can be added to any non-approved communication sent home in English directing parents to contact our office if they need assistance.


    *Allow 10-15 days for translations.

    *Submit your document in an editable format such as MS Word, PPT, PUB or any other editable format.

    Submit a Translation/Interpreter Request


    HCS has certified interpreters who assist with communication at school meetings, parent-teacher conferences and at other school functions when appropriate. Interpreting services should be arranged through the local schools. Additionally, all schools and district offices have access to Language Line which provides interpretation in over 240 languages to assist speakers of other languages.

    Our office will schedule a certified, professional interpreter to assist during parent/teacher conferences, SST, IEP, retention meetings, school and district events, disciplinary hearings, Title I and Title III events as well as any event open to the HCS community. We will also make phone calls to parents and record robocalls upon approval of the district.


    *Allow 5 days to schedule an interpreter. Should you need immediate assistance in another language, please call (770) 957-3945 EXT. 04121.

    *If applicable, flyers and invitations should be sent home in Spanish (or other languages) before requesting an interpreter.


    Submit a Translation/Interpreter Request