•  Coping Strategies: Ways to Manage Our Emotions
    Enjoy nature                                     Write long-term goals                                    Exercise
    Drink water                             Muscle relaxation                               Sing
    Get enough rest                      Take a walk                                        Talk to a friend
    Draw/paint/color                     Count to 10 or another #                  Hug a pillow or stuffed animal
    Read a good book                   Eat healthy snacks                            Take a shower or bath
    Tell my parent                          Meditate                                            Sit down and think
    Take a deep breathe                Help someone                                   Have fun
    Talk to a counselor                  Go to a peaceful place                      Play a board/video game
    Relax                                        Play with a pet                                    Visit grandparents, etc.
    Cook/bake                                        Write in my journal                                        Watch a funny TV show
    Squeeze a stress ball                    Put a puzzle together                                 Volunteer in the community
    Walk away                                          Play a sport                                                    Listen to or play music
    Run                                         Write in a journal                                Be with friends/family
    Clean a room                          Positive self-talk                               See an age-appropriate movie
    Blow bubbles                         Cry                                                       Take a time-out from technology
    Plant something                    Write a thank-you note                      Go swimming
    Ride a bike                              Plant something                                Stretch
    Rearrange a room                  Organize something                            Write down your successes