• Partner-In-Education

    PIE Partners  
    A partnership is initiated in two ways:
    (1) a school recruits a partner from the business community, or
    (2) a prospective partner contacts either Partners In Education or an individual school. Businesses, government agencies and community-based organizations are eligible to become partners and do not need district approval. Rather, any restriction on a partnership is based on the appropriateness of the proposed activities.

    Each partnership shall comply with State and Federal law as well as all policies and guidelines established by both the School Board and the individual school. In addition, all individuals involved in a partnership are required to complete the Volunteer Application prior to working with students.

    Businesses, community organizations and government agencies that engage in partnerships with our schools provide an easy and exciting means to prepare today's students for tomorrow's workforce.

    It’s not just the students that benefit from partnerships. By working with schools, you can be part of the success of our schools. Business partners are recognized as leaders in the community for their efforts to increase student achievement. Their employees are energized by extending themselves in the classroom and often learn as much from the students as they teach. And, students learn that the community cares about education, about their academic success and about their futures.

    The Partners-In-Education program takes the guesswork out of forming a successful partnership. The Business Resource Manual provides you with all the information you need to start and maintain a successful program.

    Please note, however, that a partnership relationship is a privilege, not a right, and schools retain the right to reject any partnership that does not meet their needs.