• Payroll Frequently Asked Questions


    1. When is pay day?

      Payday is the last work day of each month.


    2. Where is my paycheck sent?

      Direct deposit notifications, check stubs and W2 tax documents may be accessed through Etrieve. For those not set up for Direct Deposit, your payroll check will be distributed at your primary location on pay day, unless you are a substitute. Substitute checks are mailed to the employee’s address on file.  Please complete a change of address form to update your mailing address.  These forms can be obtained through Human Resources.


    3. Can my check be direct deposited? 

      Henry County Schools encourages all employees to take advantage of direct deposit. You can obtain a direct deposit authorization form through the Finance 101 Toolkit under Financial Services or request a form from the Payroll department. Direct deposits are pre-noted, which will result in a physical paycheck provided to the employee for the first month and then the second month should be direct deposit.


    4. How do I change my tax withholding allowances?

      If you wish to make changes to your Federal and/or State withholding, complete a new withholding form and submit to Payroll department. Forms are located on the Finance 101 Toolkit under Financial Services.


    5. How is my sick leave calculated?

      Sick leave is earned at 1.25 days per month for each month worked. Three of these total days earned may be used as personal leave.


    6. Will the Payroll Department make loans or advance in pay to employees?


    *You may access the Finance 101 Toolkit by clicking any link above or by going to the Employees tab on the District homepage.*