Course Description:  This course offers an integrated study of reading analysis, writing, researching, speaking, and using language correctly.  Students will learn how these elements will help them to succeed in the 21st Century.


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be respectful
    • Be responsible
    • Be involved

    Grades: Grades are based on the Henry County’s five standards for English.  The standards are listed below with the percent they will count for grading:

    Analyzing – 30%

    Writing – 20%

    Researching – 20%

    Speaking – 15%

    Using Language – 15%


    All assignments must be completed BY THE DUE DATE.  I do not give extra time.  At Hampton High, we are trying to make all students “college and career ready.”  Your professor or your boss does not allow you to turn in assignments or get a project completed whenever you want.  It has to be done immediately.


    You get what you earn!  If you have any questions, always feel free to email or text me.  Again, the most efficient means of communication with me is via email/text.  My email address is donna.mcwhorter@henry.k12.ga.us and my phone number is 770-709-8611.   I will communicate with you daily if needed.



    Tutoring will be offered on an as-needed basis.  Feel free to make an appointment with me. I am here for you!


    Materials Needed:


    Pens/Pencils -

    Folder with pockets

    Highlighters (optional)


    Academic Integrity Policy:  Academic integrity is a fundamental value of quality education; therefore, Hampton High School will not tolerate any acts of cheating, plagiarism, or falsification of school work.  Should it be determined that an academic integrity violation has taken place, the school reserves the right to assign a grade of a zero and submit a disciplinary referral. The school also reserves the right to remove or suspend enrollment in any Advanced Placement/Honors classes as well as Academic Honor Societies.  The following will be considered plagiarism or cheating on any school work or tests, and will result in the grade of a zero:

    • Copying work/answers from other students in part or whole
    • Copying word for word from any source in part or in whole (without appropriate citations)
    • Allowing another student to “borrow” work and/or present other students’ work as their own in part of whole
    • Using supplemental materials on a test or other school work (Supplemental materials might include but are not limited to cellphone communications of any sort, cheat notes of any kind from any source)
    • Allowing another student to copy or “borrow work and/or present it as their own
    • Working with others on projects that are meant to be done individually
    • Removing test materials from the classroom to share with other students
    • Taking papers or information from other students, publications, or the Internet