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    AP Calculus:
    (Optional) Summer Assignment - This is highly recommended, but not required.  AP Calculus does require proficiency with prerequisite algebra and trigonometry skills, and this assignment will help you review those skills we will use in Unit 1.     
    AP Calculus Supply list:
    3-ring binder
    divider tabs 
    notebook paper or notebook, college ruled 
    Graphing calculator (see discussion of calculators below; some are available for check-out, should you not wish to purchase your own) 
    AP Study Guide, optional (Barron's or Princeton Review - please use the latest edition)
    Calculators for AP Calculus:  
    Only graphing calculators are allowed on a portion (roughly a third) of the AP Exam.  No calculator is allowed during the rest of the exam .  Thus, we will follow the same usage during class/ practice.  We will use graphing calculators ONLY (no scientific calculators) for portions of classroom assessments.  If you already have a graphing calculator, please bring it to class with you.  If not, a class set of TI-Nspire handhelds will be available for use in class and will be available to check out for homework and the AP exam.  
    Recommended Graphing Calculators:  If you wish to purchase your own graphing calculator, the following models are highly recommended:
    TI n-Spire CX II
    TI n-Spire CX CAS II (cannot be used on the ACT)
    TI-84 Plus-CE
    Pre-Calculus Supply list: 
    3-ring binder (divider tabs optional)
    notebook paper or notebook, college ruled
    Scientific calculator   (see discussion of calculators below)
    Basic (4-function) calculator
    Calculators for Pre-Calculus:
    A good scientific calculator is essential to success in Pre-Calculus.  You should bring a scientific calculator with you to class.  If you already have one, there is no need to buy a new one.  If you don't currently have one, I recommend the TI-36X Pro.   Graphing calculators may be used at times, but there is a class set of TI-NSpire handhelds available.  Any graphing homework will be able to be accomplished using www.desmos.com.  Desmos is also available through the app store on Apple devices.  We will also use 4-function calculators in class for much of the 1st semester, so you may wish to purchase one for your own use.
    Algebra I: 
    Algebra I Supply list: 
    3-ring binder and paper -OR- notebook and folder