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    Teacher Name: Nicole Carter
    School Email Address: nicole.carter@henry.k12.ga.us
    Instruction and Personalized Learning Lead (IPPL)

    My name is Nicole Carter and this is my 11th year in education! I have a passion for all things history and social studies! I have 3 awesome kids who I love to spend quality time with when I am not working. You can also find me reading novels and watching good mystery shows when time allows!


    This is my first year taking on a new role outside of the classroom. Serving as Ola Middle School’s IPLL (Instruction and Personalized Learning Lead), I will be supporting our teachers and administration in ensuring best instructional practices are pervasive throughout our school. I believe that we, as educators all have a “why” for doing what we do, and I want to help each teacher remember and foster their why. I believe that coaching, when done correctly, leads to enhancing instructional practices which ultimately affords success for our teachers and most of all, our students, who are the center of what we do. Students will see me interacting with teachers and coming into different classrooms to observe or participate. I will be working alongside teachers to collaboratively plan effective lessons. Last, I will be working alongside administration to ensure our CSIP goals are being achieved. I am really excited about this new opportunity here at OMS!


    My goals as the IPLL:

    Goal 1: Build and maintain productive, as well as trustworthy, relationships among all stakeholders within Ola Middle school.

    Goal 2: Support effective instructional models in every environment at Ola Middle School that are strategically aligned to the district’s plan of action and the school’s improvement plan, to ensure all students are provided equitable opportunities, access, and outcomes.

    Goal 3: Establish and maintain a culture of collaboration amongst staff members to ensure that authentic, rigorous instruction is practiced daily at Ola Middle School.

     Email: nicole.carter@henry.k12.ga.us