• What is Academic Bowl?
    Academic Bowl is a team competition that is played with five players at a time. Students have buzzers that they buzz in with if they know the answer. Students compete to answer trivia type questions in all curriculum areas. Topics may include Mythology, Presidents, Landmarks, U.S. History, World History, Math, Science, Sentence Structure, and Literature. Any content through 8th grade is fair game! We compete at various competitions throughout the year and are ranked on our total points as well as wins/losses. 
    Who can participate in Academic Bowl?
    Any interested student in grades 6-8. (Behavior/Grade issues may require that students be removed from the team.) 
    When is Academic Bowl?
    Practices will be weekly through the first semester. Listen to announcements for dates!   
    This year our students placed second in both wins/losses and total points! We are proud of our mustangs! 
    Sponsors: Julie McDonald and Karen Beasley
Last Modified on September 10, 2020