• 6th Grade - Earth Science
    The 6th Grade Earth Science curriculum includes but is not limited to the following concepts: Soil, rocks, minerals, erosion, deposition, earthquakes, volcanoes, weather, solar system, and space exploration.


    Team 601 - Chris Vernon
    Team 602- Jordan Godsey
      Team 603 - David Carter
    Additional 6th grade science teachers:
    Amy Hall


    7th Grade - Life Science
    This year the students will be studying the Metric System, Ecology, Human Body Systems, Cells, 6 Kingdoms & Genetics. Also, they will learn how to use a microscope and participate in dissections. The following are the 7th grade Life Science teachers:
    Team 701 - Mischa Devlin
    Team 702 - Hilary Stallings
    Team 703 - Jennifer Dobbs
    Additional 7th grade science teachers:

    Kira Everett

    Email: kira.everett@henry.k12.ga.us

    8th Grade - Physical Science
    This year our students will be studying the physical world we live in and beyond. They will focus on Scientific Inquiry, Properties of Matter, Energy transformations, Force and Motion, Sound and Light Waves, and Electricity. They will be accomplishing this through note-taking, hands-on activities, and laboratory experiments. This exploratory learning method will be combined with the integration of technology, math, real world applications, and writing. This will provide a solid foundation for high school.
    Team 801 - Brittany Murphy
    Team 802 - Heather Henderson
    Email: heather.henderson@henry.k12.ga.us
     Team 803 - Steven Milner
    Additional 8th grade science teachers:
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