Mrs. Sheran
  • This is my first year at Union Grove High School and I am looking forward to an amazing 2023-2024 school year. I teach 9th Honors English and 10th World Literature. 
    Our focus will be on enhancing reading, writing, and grammar skills. Get ready for a busy and exciting year of high school English. 
    All academic information and assignments are on my Google Classroom.    
    Join our class REMIND:

    First Period: @7kdae9c

    Third Period: @6fhc99

    Fifth Period: @a88kdc

    Sixth Period: @b6h4979

    Seventh Period: @3k8d8e

    • If you would like to donate class supplies, they are always appreciated! 

      Useful items include:

      • Highlighters
      • #2 pencils
      • Hand sanitizer
      • Sanitizer wipes
      • Expo dry erase markers
      • Facial tissue
      • Copy paper (white and colored)
      • Candy or stickers for giveaways


      For all of my classes, student only need the following each day:

      • a fully charged and operational Chromebook issued by the school; personal devices, such as personal laptops or tablets, are not allowed for school work.
      • a 1.5" - 2" three-ring binder.
      • a pencil or pen. 
      • A composition notebook or single subject spiral notebook
      • A good attitude

    Behavior Expectations

    In all of my classes, students are to conduct themselves at all times by the principles of the Wolverine Way: Unity, Grit, Helpfulness, and Self-Respect.  Students will be held to the policies and procedures of the Henry County School System and Union Grove High School, including the following:

    • If a student has not crossed the threshold of the classroom before the bell rings, they are tardy. 
    • Students will place all their phones in the caddy before the bell rings to begin class.  
    • Students need to come to class having gone to the restroom.  Restroom passes are only for extreme emergencies.
    • Students will respect one another by never interrupting one another during class discussions or insulting one another.
    • Students will show respect for the administration, teachers, and substitute teachers at all times.  
    • Students will not get out of their seats while the teacher is lecturing.