• If you would like information about gifted services, please contact Mr. Stanley at thomas.stanley@henry.k12.ga.us

    Gifted Education News:


    I am thrilled to formally introduce myself as Thomas Stanley, an 8th-grade ELA teacher and the newly appointed Secondary Advanced Learning Chair for Gifted Education Support at Ola Middle School. It is both a privilege and a joy to embrace this role, and I am genuinely enthusiastic about the collaborative opportunities that lie ahead in our mission to provide exceptional support to our gifted students.


    At this juncture of transition, I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Griffis for her remarkable work and unwavering dedication as our former Secondary Advanced Learning Chair. Her contributions have undoubtedly established a strong foundation for our gifted education program, and I am dedicated to building upon her successes as we continue to elevate and enrich the educational experience for our gifted students.


    Parents, Your Involvement Is Essential:


    We place immense value on the insight and engagement of parents in the process of identifying gifted students. If you believe that your child may be a suitable candidate for the gifted program, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Thomas.Stanley@henry.k12.ga.us. We are collecting data from various sources, including past MAP test results and teacher recommendations. Your input is invaluable, and we are determined to ensure that no deserving candidate is overlooked during this assessment process.


    We extend our heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support and commitment to the growth and success of our students. Together, we will continue to nurture and celebrate the exceptional talents within our Ola Middle School community.


    Warm regards,


    Thomas Stanley

    Secondary Advanced Learning Chair

    Ola Middle School