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CRCT Coach Lessons
(Answer Key to CRCT Coach Lessons)

Lesson 1-Rules for Exponents (Solution)

Lesson 2-Scientific Notation (Solution)

Lesson 3-Squares and Square Roots (Solution)

Lesson 4-Rational and Irrational Numbers (Solution)

Lesson 5-Simplifying Square Roots (Solution)

Lesson 6-Adding and Subtracting Square Roots (Solution)

Lesson 7- Multiplying and Dividing Square Roots (Solution)

Lesson 8-Properties of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (Solution)

Lesson 9-Congruent Polygons (Solution)

Lesson 10-Right Triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem (Solution)

Lesson 11-Representing Situations (Solution)

Lesson 12-Evaluating Expressions (Solution)

Lesson 13-Solving Equations (Solution)

Lesson 14-Solving for One Variable in Terms of Another Variable (Solution)

Lesson 15-Solving Problems with Equations (Solution)

Lesson 16-Solving Inequalities and Graphing Solutions (Solution)

Lesson 17-Solving Problems with Inequalities (Solution)

Lesson 18-Relations and Functions (Solution)

Lesson 19-Representing Functions (Solution)

Lesson 20-Slope (Solution)

Lesson 21-Rules for Patterns (Solution)


Lesson 22-Slope Intercept Form of an Equation (Solution)

Lesson 23-Linear and Nonlinear Relations (Solution)

Lesson 24-Graphing Linear Inequalities (Solution)

Lesson 25-Solving Problems with Linear Equations (Solution)

Lesson 26-Solving Problems with a System of Linear Equations (Solution)

Lesson 27 -Solving Problems with a System of Linear Inequalities (Solution)

Lesson 28-Basic Concepts of Sets (Solution)

Lesson 29-Outcomes of Several Events (Solution)

Lesson 30-Probability of Independent Events (Solution)

Lesson 31-Scatter Plots (Solution)

Math Words


Additional Activities

Practice quiz (solution)

AT & T Dilemma (Solution 1) ( Solution 2)

Dance-a-thon (Solution)

Extra Practice-1 (Solution)

Extra Practice-2 (Solution)

Graphics Practice (Solution)

Topic 4-Congruence (Solution)

Topic 6-Parallel and Perpendicular (Solution)

What's My Rule (Solution)

Numbers and Operations (Solution)