Fungus-like protists…

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What are fungus-like protists?

They are protists that absorb their food from dead organic matter. They are grouped into 2 groups, slime molds and water molds. Most fungus-like protists use psuepods, (“false feet”) to move around.


A. Water Mold


Another type of fungus-like protists is water mold.


Most of them are small single-celled organisms.


Some of them are decomposers...


But others are parasites


Some parasitic water molds cause diseases


These protists still endanger crops today.


B. Slime molds


 Thin masses of living matter.


Many of them live as single-celled organisms.


Slime molds live in cool, shady, moist places In the woods and in fresh water.


They eat bacteria, yeast, and small bits of decaying plant and animal matter.


They eat by surrounding particles and then they digest them.


A slime mold will continue to grow as long as food and water are available to it.


When a slim mold has an unfavorable amount to grow it will start to grow in stalks.






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