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Animal like protists are single-celled consumers. Animal-like protists are also known as Protozoa. Some are also parasites. The Protozoa is often divided into 4 phyla : Amoebalike protists, flagellates, ciliates, and spore-forming protists.



1.  Amoeblike Protists


A.    It is a soft, jellylike protozoan.

B.      They are found in fresh and salt water, in soil, and in animals.

C.    They are highly structured.

They have contractile vacuoles to get rid of excess water.


2. Flagellates


A.    They use flagella to move.

B.      Some of them live in water. Others are parasites that can cause disease.

C.    These flagellate parasites are called Giardia lamblias.  It lives in the digestive tracts of humans.

D.    If hikers drink water that is infected with this they can get diarrhea and severe stomach cramps.




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   3. Ciliates


A.    These are the most complex protozoa.

B.      They have hundreds of tiny hairlike structures known as cilia.

C.    Cilia can beat up to 60 times a second.

D.     Ciliates use the cilia to sweep food through the water toward them.


4. Spore-forming protists


A.       These are all parasites that absorb nutrients from their hosts.

B.  They do not have a cilia or flagella, so they cannot move on their own.

C.        Plasmodium vivax is a spore-forming protists, that causes malaria.

D.        Malaria is a serious disease.

E.          Malaria it carried by mosquitoes.


           DID YOU KNOW………


      More than 2 million people die f
from malaria.