AP Statistics Final Project


Task: Develop a question, research the question and use statistical analysis to determine an answer.
Specifically, decide on a question to investigate be ingenious (see links below for ideas). Design an experiment to run, then go through the steps OR design a study, recruit subjects or whatever, place subjects into groups (randomly, of course), impose the treatments, etc. OR perform a simulation on the calculator.  

Collect data, plot the data, and finally perform inference.  Go through the 4 inference steps as in Chapter 10.  Then analyze the data and draw a conclusion.  Write up a report and orally report your study findings to the class.

Work in teams of 2.


Question must be approved by __________________(Date)


Include in your project

a.       Introduction to the problem (1 page)

b.      Literature review (1 page)

c.       Methodology (2-3 pages on the survey/experiment design)

d.      Data (Visual displays of the data along with the hypothesis tests unlimited page length.)

e.       Discussion (1-2 page critique of the strengths and weaknesses of the project)

f.        Bibliography

Project must be word processed.

Worth 100 points - semester project grade (10% of semester grade)
80 points written report, 20 points oral report


DUE: _____________________________


Sites to get ideas for a topic: