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Georgia Online Assessment System
CRCT Practice Tests
(Udated for 2008)
2006 Printable CRCT Practice Questions
Internet Sites for Help with CRCT
Georgia Department of Education CRCT Informational Documents (all in pdf)
Main Brochure
English/Language Arts Grades 1-8
Math Grades 1-8
Reading Grades 1-8
Science Grades 3-8
NOTE: The following information pertains only to students of Unity Grove Elementary which is a school in the Henry County School System. If your child does not attend Unity Grove or a school in Henry County, please contact your school system for specific instructions on how to access the Georgia Online Assessment System. 
Website: www.georgiaoas.org
Student directions for logging on to the Georgia Online Assessment Website (to take practice CRCT tests)
LoginID : 675 followed by Students AR # (student ID#) followed by the numbers 00
Password: passtest
LoginID: 675#####00 (# = AR#- or student ID# (5 or 6 digit number)
Password: passtest
NOTE: Please make sure all pop-up blockers are disabled. If you do not know how to disable the pop-up blocker you can try and hold the control key and click on the link at the same time.
Taking Student Tests
These tests are automatically assigned to the student by the Online Assessment System

1. From the Student Welcome Page, click View Student Tests.
2. Choose a subject area (e.g., Math) from the list of available subjects.
3. Select the available student test, then click Take Test.
4. Click Next Question to advance to the next questions.
5. Click Grade My Test once all questions have been answered, then click OK.
6. View the test results.
7. Decide what you want to do with the test results - whether to send them to a teacher, save the results, or discard them.
8. Click Return Home to return to the Student Welcome Page.

The Georgia Department of Education Office of Curriculum and Instruction
click on the link that reads "released test forms" (found on the right hand side under the heading CRCT Resources).
Printable CRCT Practice Questions

Internet Sites for help with CRCT
Houston County School System - PowerPoint
Virginia State Standards of Learning


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