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Serving Our Students: During the 2000-2001 school year more than 2,634 students (including 160 three through five-year-olds) were served in special education programs in 28 schools. Special education services are provided in all disability areas. Students are served in a variety of settings including resource and self-contained classrooms as well as collaborative classes. Related services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, orientation and mobility services, speech therapy and special transportation are provided to students according to their needs and as determined by the student’s Individualized Educational Program (IEP). Students with physical disabilities and other health impairments are also provided related health services by school staff.  

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A Professional Caring Staff: Over 200  teachers are employed to serve the students with disabilities. Additionally, 74 paraprofessionals are employed and used in the Special Education classrooms. Thirty  speech and language pathologists are employed to work in the 28 schools in Henry County. Two physical therapists, three occupational therapists, one physical therapy assistant, and two certified occupational therapist assistants provides services to students in the schools. One  registered nurse works on a contracted basis with the special education program and provides health-related information and support. One audiologist from Griffin RESA provides services, training and audiological evaluations for students. 

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Special Services: Henry County provides services to students with severe emotional/behavioral disorders through the regional psychoeducational program. The Griffin Psychoeducational Program is part of the statewide psychoeducational network and the primary program for this area is located in Griffin. Students from Henry County are served in four satellite classes located at Smith Barnes Elementary School and Patrick Henry High School. During the 2000-01 school year, approximately 48 students and their parents were served through this program. Several students identified as hard of hearing or deaf were served at the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf (AASD), a regional state-operated program located in Clarkston. Extended school year and summer services were provided as needed to over 75 students who participated in the summer program located at Union Grove Middle School.

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Preschool Special Education: Preschool special education services for children ages 3 and 4 with disabilities are provided through a continuum which is different from that for children of school age. Services are delivered through facility-based, community-based, or home-based programs or through uniquely designed combinations of these models. Facility-based classes are offered one to five days a week and are located at McDonough Primary School and Pleasant Grove Elementary. Community-based services are delivered at Headstart, private day care centers or church preschool programs.

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Vocational Interests: Henry County also offers Related Vocational Instructional Programs (RVI) at all three high schools for high school students who are interested in pursuing interests in the vocational/applied technology areas. The RVI programs provide opportunities for students to learn prerequisite skills in order to access vocational courses in the three high schools. Additionally, the community-based vocational instructional program enables students with intellectual disabilities to make a successful transition from school to work and the community.

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Special Olympics: Students with disabilities also participate in Special Olympics, which is sponsored by the senior class of Stockbridge High School. The Special Olympics activities receive support from the faculty and staff in the schools and special assistance from selected coaches and physical education staff.

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Psychological Services: Henry County currently employs nine school psychologists.  Each school psychologist is assigned to schools within the district and  works with various committees and other agencies within the county.  The school psychologists provide support to both regular education and special education.

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Rehabilitation Counselor:: Through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Human Resources, Division of Rehabilitation Services, Henry County continue to employ one rehabilitation counselor to work exclusively in the Henry County Schools. This service was initiated in 1995 and continues into the current school year. The services provided through the counselor enable students with disabilities and their families to access additional resources for vocational evaluation and to assist with the successful transition of students to the world of work and into the community upon graduation.

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Staff Development: Several staff development activities are conducted annually for  teachers and administrators in the system. Workshops included topics such as Adapted Physical Education, Health-Related Services, Behavior Management, Development of IEPs, The Legal Aspects of Special Education, Administration of Special Education in the Schools, Training for Paraprofessionals, Collaborative Team Teaching, Asperger's Syndrome, Use of Assistive Technology, and other related topics.

The Special Education Department continues to develop collaborative teams in the various middle and high schools in order to provide special education programs in various content areas in the regular classrooms. The regular and special education teachers are trained as a team and then work cooperatively in the content areas to provide instruction to students. Over  200 teachers have been trained and teams are functioning in the middle and high schools as well as in some of the elementary schools.

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The following chart represents the students who received services during the 2000-01 school year. These numbers reflect a duplicated count in that students may receive more than one service.


Number of Students Served
Preschool (3-5) 160
Autistic   39
Emotional/Behavioral Disorders 370
Hearing Impairments   25
Intellectual Disabilities
   Mild 238
   Moderate 76
   Severe 12
   Profound 19
Other Health Impairments 207
Orthopedic Impairments 32
Severely Emotionally Disturbed 75
Specific Learning Disabilities 860
Speech Impairments 697
Traumatic Brain Injury 7
Visual Impairments 8



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