2005 CRCT Scores Critical For Fifth Graders

      All students in grades one through eight will take the Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) this spring, but for fifth graders, the test is a critical part of promotion to sixth grade.  For the first time, Georgia is requiring that fifth graders must pass the reading and math portions of the CRCT (score Level 2 or 3) along with other grade level criteria to be promoted to the sixth grade.  Students that perform below grade level on the CRCT reading and/or math test (score Level 1) or are absent from the administration of the test, will be given the opportunity to participate in a summer school program along with another chance to take the appropriate CRCT.  If the student still performs below grade level, the student may be retained in fifth grade for the next school year.  Parent(s) or guardian(s), and/or teacher(s) may appeal the decision to retain the student.  The principal (or designee) will meet with parents or guardians, and the student's teacher(s) to review the student's overall academic achievement.  The group will then make a decision to place the student in the sixth grade or retain the student in the fifth grade.  In the 2006-07 school year, the promotion/retention policy will apply also to eighth graders. 

     For more information about Henry County School's Promotion/Placement and Retention Policy, contact Mr. Hightower or call the Curriculum Department at 770-957-6547.

Local Promotion Criteria

Grades 1-5:

  • Readiness level as established by the results of the appropriate CRCT in the areas of reading and/or mathematics.
  • Readiness level as indicated on the student    report card.
  • Teacher recommendation for promation.        

Above information taken from Henry County School's brochure - Achieving the Goal Grade 5