Know Your Rights!


Sallie Livingston

School Social Worker

Henry County Schools

770-861-4077 (cell)


Schools Served:

Ola Middle

Unity Grove Elementary

Hampton Elementary

Social Worker 

  • My name is Sallie Livingston. I am a school social worker and I work at your school.  I have my Masters Degree in Social Work, and I have had special training in counseling children and adolescents.  I have been a school social worker for four years with Henry County Schools.  I do not work for DFCS.  I sometimes work with DFCS to get families help if they need it.  However, my job is completely different than a DFCS caseworker’s job.  I never remove children from their home.
  • My job as a school social worker is to ensure that you are able to do your best while you are at school.  Often things happen in students’ lives that keep them from being able to learn while they are at school.  Some of these things can include: emotional/behavioral (mental health) issues, family issues, issues getting along with friends, poor attendance, and/or low grades. 
  • I typically work with students, their parents, their teachers and school administrators to identify what issues need to be addressed, and how I can help.  I frequently meet with students individually, but I also run support groups for students during the school day.  When necessary, I meet with parents either at school or at home, and I work closely with outside agencies so that I am able to make referrals when necessary.
  • After talking to you, we can determine together what steps I can take to help you be more successful while you are at school. Some of those steps may include individual and/or group counseling through the counseling department, referrals to outside mental health resources, as well as referrals to other outside agencies.
  • I am here for you.  My job is to advocate for what’s best for you and your family.