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Scrapbook Club


Miranda DeAngelo

Kayleigh Dickson

Kaitlyn Irvin

Brittany Martin

Bethany Pildner

Ronni Reiland

Siara Uecker

Jequel Wilkes

Christine Williams

Margaret Cotter

Destiny Loyd

Katie Hollowell


Ms. S. White      Ms. Yates

Ms. Hallmark      Ms. Kodak

Ms. Biles         Mr. Slaughter

Ms. Cardin      Ms. Anderson

Ms. Johnson


Jessica McLeod

Morgan Mitchell

Murphy Ledbetter

Ellie Jagus

Courtney Standard

Katie Rogers

Emily Mallory

Britt Vining

Courtney Jones

Brooke Rodgers

Taylor Stewart

Alex Lynn

We’re so glad you’ve decided to become an Ola Scrapper! Here are some things you need to know:

Dues are $5. Ms. Johnson in the media center, is collecting the dues. Please try to have the correct change!

Please print this flyer for club meeting days & times. 

Our Edline Page is currently under construction.