OMS Health and Physical Education

and Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is no longer a problem in our society, but an epidemic. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has given top priority to the prevention and intervention of the childhood obesity epidemic. The faculty in the Health and Physical Education Department at Ola Middle School has aligned our teaching with key strategies developed by the CDC to fight this battle within our school. Our curriculum is fitness-focused, meaning that we incorporate physical activity and exercise into every aspect of our teaching. We also realize that we cannot fight this problem alone. Parents and the community perhaps play the most important role in influencing the health habits of our students. We ask you to help us in the cause. Please explore the following links that expound upon the effect that this epidemic is having on our young people.

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Surgeon General’s Report on Obesity


Center for Disease Control

Peachstate Obesity Poll

Overweight and Obesity in Georgia