Ola Middle School

Anime Club


Sponsor: Mrs. Vaughn

Meeting Room – 702

Meeting Time – First Wednesday of the Month, 4-5 Pm


Welcome to Ola Middle School’s Anime Club web site!  To learn more about our club and to learn more about Japanese animation, please keep reading.

OMS Anime Club Purpose:

 The Japanese Anime Club of Ola Middle School is intended to provide interested students an opportunity to share their love of Japanese animation and to learn about various facets of anime and Japanese culture. Students will have the opportunity to learn new animation techniques and share original artwork and writing.  In addition, students will learn about Japanese culture and customs, and spoken Japanese words and phrases.  



What is Anime?

To put it simply, anime is Japanese cartoons or "animated artwork." But keep in mind, these are nothing like the typical American Saturday-morning cartoons. Anime is distinct from American cartoons in their depth of characterization and plot (among other things). For the most part, the quality of animation in anime far surpasses that of American cartoons. Anime spans many genres, from silly romantic comedies (Marmalade Boy) to fantasy adventures (Vision of Escaflowne and Fushigi Yuugi), high-tech science fiction (Macross Plus), and much more. The most distinctive quality of anime is the subject matter: much of anime deals with "real-life" topics that American cartoons wouldn't touch with a 30-foot pole. For instance, the death of major characters is common in anime, as are complex relationships between characters.


What is Manga?

Many people might say "Manga are Japanese comics, and Anime is the Japanese version of animation. Anime is usually, but not always, the animated version of popular manga." That's partially true, but it can be misleading. (Note that "anime" in Japan technically means any animated film, and "manga" is any printed cartoon, but people in the rest of the world take them to mean animated films or comics from Japan.)

Anime is now a general Asian phenomenon, not just Japanese. I understand there are many fine works of manga and anime being produced in many places around the world. However, the roots are in Japan, and Japan is still considered, at least here in the US, the center of the anime world. This may well change in the future.


News from our club:

 Our first club meeting will be held Wednesday September 5th from 4-5 o’clock in room 702.  Please bring your permission slip with you to the first meeting.  If you need a permission slip, come by room 702 and get one from Mrs. Vaughn.


If you ideas of activities you would like us to do this year, please let Mrs. Vaughn know!