Welcome to the 8th Grade!

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Be kind.  Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Attributed to T. H. Thompson and John Watson

Welcome to 8th grade!

Some reminders:

Please make sure you have turned in all signed papers to your homeroom teacher.

Bring necessary materials to class each day.

Be on time!

Contact your teacher(s) as soon as possible if you have questions!

8th Grade Teachers

New teachers have been added for this year and are not shown:

Ms. Teknipp, Ms. Pourron, Ms. Yates, and Ms Cawthon


Language Arts

Social Studies



You should know:

All students need an Ola Notebook and a Math Notebook.  These should be brought home every day.

The differences between the 2 notebooks:

The Ola Notebook contains dividers for language arts, social studies, science, and connections classes.  The OMS grid and agenda stay in this notebook.

The Math notebook is for math only.  It contains a pencil pouch, syllabus, resource book, and 5 dividers for a glossary, reflections, notes/ACE, assessments, and extra paper.