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CRCT Practice Questions 2007
The following practice questions were created using the Georgia CRCT Online delivery website developed by Riverside. Most of the tests are 25 questions in length and there is an answer key. All of the tests are in PDF so you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the tests. With this program you may save and print the tests. After viewing the individual tests you may click the BACK button in your browser to return to this page

In addition to the test that you can print out below, the Georgia State Board of Education has made CRCT practice tests available to take online. You will need a student log in and password that will be provided by your child's teacher. After you have received this information click on the buttons for instruction to help you use the CRCT Web Site below:
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The CRCT Web Site is:   

1st Grade CRCT Practice Questions
2nd Grade CRCT Practice Questions
Language-First Grade Language-Second Grade
All Domains All Domains
Grammar and Mechanics Paragraph Content and Organization
Research Process Grammar and Mechanics
Sentence Construction and Revision Research Process
Math-First Grade Sentence Construction and Revision
All Domains Math-Second Grade
Computation and Estimation All Domains
Geometry and Measurement Computation and Estimation
Number Sense and Numeration Geometry and Measurement
Patterns and Relationships/Algebra Number Sense and Numeration
Problem Solving Patterns and Relationships/Algebra
Reading-First Grade Problem Solving
Reading 1 Reading-Second Grade
Reading 2 Reading 1
Reading 3 Reading 2
Reading 4 Reading 3
Reading 5 Reading 4
  Reading 5
Top Top
3rd Grade CRCT Practice Questions
4th Grade CRCT Practice Questions
Language-Third Grade Language - Fourth Grade
All Domains All Domains
Paragraph Content and Organization Paragraph Content and Organization
Grammar and Mechanics Grammar and Mechanics
Research Process Research Process
Sentence Construction and Revision Sentence Construction and Revision
Math-Third Grade Math - Fourth Grade
All Domains All Domains
Computation and Estimation Computation and Estimation
Geometry and Measurement Geometry and Measurement
Number Sense and Numeration Number Sense and Numeration
Patterns and Relationships/Algebra Patterns and Relationships/Algebra
Problem Solving Problem Solving
Statistics and Probability Reading - Fourth Grade
Reading-Third Grade All Domains
Reading 1 Critical Analysis
Reading 2 Reading for Locating and Recalling Information
Reading 3 Reading for Meaning
Reading 4 Reading for Vocabulary Improvement
Reading 5 Science-Fourth Grade
Science-Third Grade All Domains
All Domains Earth/Space Science
Earth/Space Science Inquiry
Inquiry Life Science
Life Science Physical Science
Physical Science Social Studies-Fourth Grade
Social Studies-Third Grade All Domains
All Domains Civics
Civics Core Skills
Core Skills Economics
Economics Geography
Geography History
Top Top
5th Grade CRCT Practice Questions
Language-Fifth Grade Reading-Fifth Grade
All Domains Reading 1
Paragraph Content and Organization Reading 2
Grammar and Mechanics Reading 3
Research Process Reading 4
Sentence Construction and Revision Reading 5
Math-Fifth Grade Science-Fifth Grade
All Domains All Domains
Computation and Estimation Earth/Space Science
Geometry and Measurement Inquiry
Number Sense and Numeration Life Science
Patterns and Relationships/Algebra Physical Science
Problem Solving  
Statistics and Probability  
Social Studies-Fifth Grade  
All Domains  
Core Skills  
Core Skills Stand Alone  

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