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Our Board of Education is located in the heart of Henry County, GA, in the beautiful city of McDonough.  The Board office can be found at :

396 Tomlinson Street

McDonough, GA  30253


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Our Board of Education

                               Whitebw.JPG (9430 bytes)            Mr Dennis White, Chairman - District 4

                               mitcham.JPG (2676 bytes)           Ms. Mary Ann Mitcham, Vice Chairman - District 2  

                               Hudalla.gif (13561 bytes)          Mr. Ray Hudalla, District 5         

                               Nutt.JPG (1898 bytes)          Mrs. Pam Nutt, District 1                     

                               vickery.JPG (2206 bytes)            Mr. Charles Vickery, District 3                           


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Dr. Jack Parrish, Superintendent of Schools

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Dr. Preston Malcom   

 Dr. Greg Fields

Assistant Superintendents

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Dr. Richard Binkney Ms. Wendy Hughes Mr. Jack Thomas
Personnel Director Dir. of Staff Development  Business Manager  
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Dr. Joan Jordan Mrs. Judy Hogg
Dir. of Special Education Dir. of Transportation Dir. of Food Service

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Ms. Betty Schmidt

Mr. Allan Guimarin

Public Relations

Project Manager



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Click here to visit our Henry County Board of Education WWW site.

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