Welcome to Eagle's Landing High School, a Georgia School of Excellence.

Welcome to Eagle's Landing High School, a Georgia School of Excellence.


Guidance Services assist student physical, educational, and emotional development. The counselors coordinate orientation and registration procedures and give individualized help in planning for the present and future. They work with students individually and in groups to address personal problems and provide information so that informed decisions may be made.


  • The counseling office is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Parents are encouraged to make appointments with their child’s counselor for academic and/or personal counseling.
  • Students may stop by the office at any time to see their counselor. It may be necessary at times to leave their name if their counselor is busy. Counselors will attempt to see students within 24 hours of leaving their name.
  • Students are not counted absent from class while in the counseling office; agendas with passes are required.


Last names beginning with….. are assigned to:



The scheduling of electives is based on space availability. No schedule change requests will be granted except for the following reasons:

  1. The student has passed the class previously or another class is required for graduation.
  2. The student has not completed necessary prerequisite
  3. The counseling office made an error.

To request a change students need to turn in a written request on Aug 3rd by 3:30pm. Students will then be notified in writing the results of their request.


Date Time Where Why
August 30th 6:30 pm Performing Arts Center College Planning for Juniors/Seniors
January 19th 6:30-8 pm ELHS AP/Honors Informational Meeting
January 26th 6:30 pm Performing Arts Center Financial Aid Meeting About the FAFSA form and HOPE for seniors
March 13th 6:30 pm Performing Arts Center 9th grade registration for ELHS

These are all subject to change. Post cards will be mailed home to target groups for the college planning, financial aid, and 9th grade registration meetings.


The College and Career Center houses eight computers available for student use. Students may do career explorations, practice tests for the Georgia High School Graduation Test, college searches, and scholarship searches. Catalogs from colleges and tech schools are available for checkout. SAT and ACT registration information is stocked for seniors and juniors to pick up. There are numerous publications/books concerning careers, success in college, financial aid, etc. in the career center for students to use. There is a scholarship file for seniors to access and college applications are also stocked. Parents may also use these resources:
Senior Tidbits Scholarship Page


Counselors work with students in groups in the following areas: study skills, motivation & goal setting, anger management, and grief & loss. Participation in groups may be by self-referral, by parents, or by teacher referral. Sign up slips are distributed through classes or students may come by and give their name to a secretary or their counselor. All sessions are confidential. Groups are established based on the needs of our students. Parents who DO NOT want their child to be in groups should send a note to be filed in the counseling office.


Parents need to contact main office if they desire to meet with their child’s teacher/s. Conferences are held at 8:00 am and at 3:30 pm Monday thru Thursday and Friday mornings. Please keep in mind when attending a conference that traffic is heavy in the morning and afternoon and additional time may be necessary to arrive on time. If you wish to speak to one teacher only, please contact that teacher directly. Appointments are made through Mrs. Ginger Wiley. Please call 770-957-9475 to speak to her.


Appointments are strongly encouraged to avoid long waiting time.

In order for a student to be enrolled, the following criteria must be met:

  • A biological parent or guardian must accompany a student. (Guardianship papers must be presented at time of registration.) All students under the age of eighteen must live with a parent or legal guardian within the Eagle’s Landing High School district.
  • Proof of residency is a county requirement. The property address given must be the actual location where the student and parent/guardian live full time. A parent/guardian who owns property in the county, but does not reside in the county is not considered a resident for the purpose of this policy.

Proof is:

  1. A lease or rental agreement consisting of written evidence that the agreement is valid and current and a current utility bill (gas, electric, water, telephone, or cable.) Records must include the name and street address of the parent/guardian


  1. A property tax statement or home ownership title (property deed, warranty
    Deed, quitclaim deed, or security deed), and a current utility bill (gas, electric, water, telephone, or cable). Records must include the name and street address of the parent/guardian.

A parent/guardian who resides full time in Henry County, but is unable to provide the records listed above, may complete a Henry County schools Affidavit of Residency. The notarized affidavit shall be completed and signed by the parent/guardian, as well as the legal owner or lesser of the property where the student and parent/guardian reside. The affidavit will be in effect until the parent/guardian provides the required proof of residence, but no longer than the end of the school year. This affidavit is completed at the offices of the Henry County Board of Education located at 396 Tomlinson Street in McDonough.

  • Copies of social security card
  • A copy of a student’s disciplinary record must also be provided. If there is no record, a statement must be provided stating there is none.
  • A copy of immunizations and hearing/dental/vision screening on Georgia forms must be provided. These may be obtained at any health department or through a family doctor. (If not provided within thirty days, the student/s will be withdrawn.)
  • A withdrawal form from the previous school is required.
  • A copy of an unofficial transcript for juniors and seniors is required in order to make a proper placement in classes. If one is not available, the student will be placed tentatively into classes.
  • If the student is a special education student, an IEP from the former school is necessary to place the student in appropriate classes upon enrolling.

In order for all necessary records to be completed, student/s should bring to Mrs. Fondren a written notice from their parents or legal guardian stating their intention to withdraw from school. A phone call to the parent/guardian to verify will be done. Students must turn in all books the last day present at school. A twenty-four hour notice is suggested in order to be efficient. Students who attend school their last day will carry a withdrawal form around to get grades and have teachers/etc. to sign off clearance. If there is no clearance, the withdrawal form will be held until obligations are cleared. If the student is not in attendance, books will be collected from parent and the withdrawal form will be held until signatures may be obtained. Records will be held until all obligations are cleared.


Evening Academy and summer school offer opportunities for students to make up work they have unsuccessfully completed and in some cases to take courses to move ahead in course work. Evening Academy meets at Union Grove High School and has five mini semesters including the summer. Students must have a registration form from their counselor approving the courses they wish to take. A schedule of classes will be developed based on student registration and teacher availability. Additional course may be added provided the minimum number of students (15) have registered for a particular course.

Summer school is another opportunity for students to make up course work or in certain courses take a class for new credit. Summer school presently meets at Eagle’s Landing High School. Students must have a registration form from their counselor approving the courses they wish to take. A schedule of classes will be developed based on student registration and teacher availability. Additional course may be added provided the minimum number of students (15) have registered for a particular course.

Presently the cost for Eagle’s Landing High School students is $225 a course.


All sections of the Georgia High School Graduation Test must be passed. These sections include Writing, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies and are given to students during their junior year. Students who fail to pass each section may walk with their class if course requirements are met; however, they will receive a Certification of Attendance/Performance. Remediation is available for students who are not successful. Practice may be done on the computers in the career center. A school wide review session will be done prior to testing.

Writing Test

September 28, 2005

March 2, 2006

July 12, 2006 (retest)

Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

September 12-13 (retest) request form required

November 7-11 2005 (retest)

March 20-March 31 2006 (1st time takers and retest)

End of Course Test

Economics December 12, 2005
Physical Science and BiologyEnglish I and IIIAlgebra I, Algebra I Part 2, GeometryEconomics and US History May 8-12 2006

***End of Course Test counts 15% of the final class grade***


The HOPE Scholarship provides tuition in Georgia public colleges ad technical colleges or a $3000 scholarship toward tuition for private colleges in the state of Georgia. It also provides $300 per year for books and covers some school charges at public schools.
Eligibility requirements include:

An 80 numerical average in the core curriculum for all four years of high school for a College Preparatory Diploma. The core curriculum is defined as:

  • Language Arts 4 units/credits
  • Mathematics 4 units/credits
  • Science 3 units/credits
  • Social Studies 3 units/credits
  • Foreign Language 2 units/credits

Total 16 units/credits


· An 85 numerical average in the core curriculum for all four years of high school for a Technical Diploma. The core curriculum is defined as:

  • Language Arts 4 units/credits
  • Mathematics 3 units/credits
  • Science 3 units/credits
  • Social Studies 3 units/credits

    Total 13 units/credits


  • Completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This will be available in the counseling office after the financial aid meeting in January. This may also be completed on line after January 1. Please contact the financial aid office at the post-secondary institute you plan to attend in order to complete any other documents that may be required.

Information regarding the HOPE scholarship may be attained at the following web site:

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships, grants, and financial aid are available in many forms. Criteria must be met for any scholarship or grant. Deadlines are set by each scholarship and must be met. Go to our Scholarship/Grant link from the Senior Page of school web site to see current offerings of monies. The copy of the Senior News will also be distributed to each senior and a copy will be posted on the bulletin board in the commons area.


  • The PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test) will be given at ELHS on Tuesday, October 12,2005. This test will be given at no charge to 10th graders. It is highly recommended for 9th and 11th graders to take this test. Eleventh graders may be eligible for National Merit Scholarships depending on their scores. The PSAT is also a good preparation for the SAT. The cost for 9th and 11th graders is $11.00. Cash or a check made out to ELHS needs to be turned into Mrs. Fondren as soon as possible. The deadline for turning in money is August 17th.
  • The PLAN will be given at ELHS on November 3, 2005. This test will only be given to 10th graders and there will be no charge. The PLAN is a good preparation for the ACT and also gives information concerning career choices.
  • SAT Tests Dates go to collegeboard.com for dates and to register-school code is 112038
  • ACT Tests Dates go to act.org for dates and to register – school code is 112038
  • The college board code for Eagle’s Landing High School is 112038 for both SAT and ACT and for college applications. The counseling office recommends seniors and juniors (in the spring) take both tests. Most schools will accept either test. All Georgia schools accept both tests. The SAT is an aptitude test while the ACT is an achievement test. Students do need to prepare for these tests. Programs are available in the career center for students to use as practice.

www.collegeboard.com (SAT)
www.act.org (ACT)

Students are responsible for obtaining, completing, and mailing/transmitting the registration form.


Students must complete a “Transcript Request Form” available in the counseling office. The counseling secretary, Mrs. Fondren, will print and place the official transcript in a sealed envelope. Each student will then pick up their official transcript and will be responsible for mailing it with their application. The same process is followed for a scholarship requiring a transcript. The first transcript is free and each after that will cost $1.00 for current students. The fee is $2.00 for graduates/withdrawn students. Payment is required at the time the transcript is picked up. All requests must be made through the use of the request form. This change in policy enables the student and parent to know exactly when the transcript is mailed. There is a required 48-hour notice. The counseling office will still mail out the final transcripts for all graduating seniors.


Students who need a copy of their shot records may request them from the counseling office using the form provided. The fee is $1.00 for current students and $2.00 for graduates/withdrawn students.


Students may get work permits from the front office. Car Insurance forms need to be turned into the secretary in the counseling office and may be picked up the next day.


www.gsfc.org Georgia Student Finance Commission’s homepage.
www.act.org The PLAN/ACT Test home page.
www.collegboard.com PSAT/SAT homepage\\On-line registration for
PROFILE application\\Scholarship info.
www.collegenet.com College scholarship information and virtual tours of
college campuses.
www.collegequest.com Everything you need to get into college.
www.ed.gov/offices/OPE US Department of Education financial aid site.
www.fafsa.ed.gov Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) .
www.fastweb.com Database of 400,000+ private scholarships.
www.finaid.com Central site for linking to sources of scholarships,
colleges, and special interests.
www.gcic.peachnet.edu Georgia Career Information Center---careers, post-
secondary schools, and financial aid.

Student and parent/s may request a PIN, which may
be used as electronic signature rather than having to
print and mail a signature page when filing FAFSA


Online selective service registration—student may
also check selective number.


Pathway to employment opportunities with Federal

www.usg.edu/ga-easy Information/application to University System of
Georgia Institutions

You should not have to pay for a scholarship search

because you can do it on line.

Continue to watch here for updates to the web page.

Continue to watch here for updates to the web page.