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  Content Outline 
I.  Introduction to Simple Machines 
A.  Playground Activity 
B.  Terminology  
C.  Cooperative Writing
II.  Friction 
A.  Large Group Activity 
B.  Centers  
1.  Don't get too "wound up?" 
2.  The difference is "plane" to see  
3.  Quick lube 
4.  Put your best foot forward 
5.  Keep your "bearings" in mind 
6.  Go web-walking
III.  Gravity and Inertia 
A.  Large Group Lesson 
B.  Cooperative Group Activity 
1.  Don't drop the ball 
2.  Weight a minute 
3.  All things being equal 
C.  Technology 
D.  Math Connection 
E.  Language Arts Connection 
1.  Trash Tinies  
2.  Proposed water slide activity 
F. Social Studies Connection
IV.  Force and Work 
A.  Large Group Discussion 
1.  Push me, pull me 
2.  Forces you encounter
B.  Physical Education Connection 
C.  Language Arts Connection
V. Lever and Inclined Plane 
A.  Large Group Demonstrations 
B.  Centers 
1.  Getting a little leverage  
2.  Our levers have class 
3.  Roll with it, baby 
4.  Moving to new heights 
5.  Levers, levers 
6.  Let's create 
7.  Keep on trucking
C.  Language Arts Connection 
D.  Social Studies Connection 
E.  Math and Science Connection 
F.  Fine Arts Connection
VI.  Wheel and Axle 
A.  Technology Connection 
B.  Large Group Instruction 
C.  Small Group Discussion 
D.  History Connection 
E.  Literature Connection
VII.  Wedge and Screw 
A.  Large Group Activity 
B.  Cooperative Group Activity 
C.  Literature Connection  
D.  Scavenger Hunt 
E.  Centers
VIII.  Culminating Activity 
A.  Read The Littles and Trash Tinies by John Peterson 
B.  Plan the Carnival Rides 
C.  Gather Materials  
D.  Create Rides 
E.  Conduct Carnival 
  Performance Tasks
1. Observe and discuss informally with students about processes and interpretation of results. 

2.  A written journal of each day's activities is recommended to assess concept understanding and written communication. 

3.  A written account of a particular event could be assigned and shared with the group. Written communication as well as specific concepts could be assessed. 

4.  Written assessments could be given as needed with open-ended essay questions, multiple choice questions, or true/false questions.  Written communication as well as specific concepts could be measured. 

5.  Written assessments could be given as needed to assess mathematics computations.  

6.  Oral discussions of the novels could be observed for comprehension and skill assessments. 

7.  Open ended essay questions about the novels could assess comprehension as well as higher thinking skills. 

8.  Diagrams and written descriptions of the amusement rides would be helpful.

  Rubrics for Performance Tasks
Simple Machine Scavenger Hunt 

Your school and its grounds are marvelous places to find examples of every type of simple machine.  Work with your group to locate at least two examples of each simple machine listed in the chart.  Draw the machine and label its parts.  Write where you find each example. 

Simple Machine
Wheel and Axle    
Inclined Plane    
Amusement Park Rubric 

Name ______________________         Attraction______________________________ 

1.  Poster: 
  • Illustration
  • Description of forces
2.  Carnival Attraction 
  • Contains 1 or more simple machines
  • Creativity
  • Completes task
3.  Student Demonstration  
  • Demonstrates knowledge
  • Delivery
4.  Written Paper 
  • Content
  • Organization
  • Grammar
Performance Indicators 
1 = Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of concept or strategy consistently. 
2 = Developing an understanding of the concept or strategy. 
3 = Not demonstrating an understanding of the knowledge of concept or strategy.
  Instructional Activities
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