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Resources at Local Schools: 

Austin Road Elementary School  
Cotton Indian Elementary School  
Fairview Elementary School  
Hickory Flat Elementary School  
JB Henderson Elementary School  
Locust Grove Elementary School  
Pate's Creek Elementary School  
Pleasant Grove Elementary School  
Stockbridge Elementary School  

Student Books (Nonfiction):

  • Aliki. Growing
  • Aliki. My Five Senses
  • Balestrino, P. The Skeleton Inside You
  • Bennett, D. What Am I Made Of?
  • Berger, M. Germs Make Me Sick! 
  • Berger, M. Why I Cough, Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup, and Yawn 
  • Cole, J. The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body  
  • Cosgrove, M. Your Muscles and Ways to Exercise Them  
  • Encyclopedia Brittanica Fascinating Facts Human Body  
  • Gabb, M. Human Body: How It Works
  • Hall, K. Skeletons! Skeletons! 
  • Jennings, T. The Human Body
  • Kuklin, S. When I See My Dentist
  • Kuklin S. When I See My Doctor
  • Markle, S. Outside and Inside You
  • Meredith, M., Goldman, A., and Lissauer, T. Human Body  
  • Royston, A. The Human Body & How It Works  
  • Saunderson, J. Muscles and Bones  
  • Simon, S. Professor I.Q. Explores the Brain  
  • Terkel, S.N., All About Allergies
  • Ward, B. The Skeleton and Movement 
  • Zed, B. A Children's Medical Encyclopedia

Student Books  (Fiction):

  • Ahlberg, J.&A. Funnybones
  • Bemelmans, L. Madeline 
  • Booth, B. D. Mandy  
  • Brown, M. Arthur's Eyes  
  • Brown, M. Arthur's Nose  
  • Brown, M. Arthur's Tooth  
  • Bunting, E. Our Teacher's Having a Baby  
  • Cherry, L. Who's Sick Today?  
  • Fletcher, J.C. Mama Zooms  
  • Kellogg, S. Much Bigger Than Martin   
  • Noll, S. I Have a Loose Tooth  
  • O'Neill, M. Fingers Are Always Bringing Me News  
  • Rabe, B. The Balancing Girl 
  • Russo, M. Alex is My Friend  
  • Showers, P. The Listening Walk  
  • Stevenson, R. L. My Shadow  
  • Zion, G. Harry the Dirty Dog

Teacher Materials and Resources 

  • Allison, L. Blood and Guts  
  • [Beech, L. W. (ed.). Integrated Theme Units: Human Body. Scholastic, Inc.: 1993.]
  • Breeden, T. and Mosley, J. The Cooperative Learning Companion. Nashville, TN: Incentive Publications, 1992. 
  • [Brummet, D.C., et al. Destinations In Science. New York: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1995.]
  • Cochran, J. Insights to Literature, Primary. Nashville, TN: Incentive Publications, 1991.  
  • Cohen, E.G. Designing Groupwork: Strategies for the Heterogeneous Classroom. New York: Teachers College Press, 1986.
  • [Forte, I. and MacKenzie, J. The Cooperative Learning Guide and Planning Pack for Primary Grades: Thematic]
  • Forte, I. and Schurr, S. Science Mind Stretchers. Nashville, TN: Incentive Publications, 1987.  
  • [Human Body FS-3150. Frank Schaffer Publications, Inc.]
  • Jacobs, H.H., Ed. Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Design and Implementation. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1989. 
  • Projects and Activities. Nashville, TN: Incentive Publications, 1992.  
  • Silver, D.M., and Wynne, P.J. The Body Book 
    • Bracketed references were used in creating this thematic unit.

Web Links:

American Heart Association 
A comprehensive site with information about the heart and heart conditions.

The Heart: An Online Exploration 

Resource materials, enrichment activities, and more to learn about the human heart. 

Anatomy of the Eye  

With a diagram and glossary explains the parts of the human eye and how each functions in vision. 

How The Body Works  

A collection of animations that demonstrate the circulatory system, the ear, the eye, muscles, the digestive tract, and the respiratory system. 

Neuroscience for Kids  

Learn more about the nervous system, and enjoy activities and experiments as you learn more about the brain and spinal cord. 

Parts of the Body  

A collection of information for kids about different parts of the body-- the brain, ear, eye, and kidneys. 

Respiratory System  

Multimedia presentation of how respiration works, including what happens in the respiratory system during sneezes, coughs, and hiccups.

The Teeth 

The role of teeth in digestion and basic information about teeth.

You've Got to Have a System  

Information about and illustrations of the circulatory, respiratory and excretory systems.  

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