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Content Outline

 I. Physical and Historical Geology of Georgia

A. Continental Drift 
B. Mountains, trenches, rifts, plateaus, and plains  
C. Minerals  
D. Rock Cycle

II. Analyzing Georgia Statistics

A. Scatter Plots 
B. Problem Solving

III. Working with Resources

A. Problem Solving Skills  
B. Proportions

IV. Georgia's Natural Environment

A. Georgia's Relationship to the World  
B. Physical Features of Georgia 
1. Regions 
2. Rivers  
3. Fall Line  
4. Barrier Island 
5. Okefenokee Swamp
C. Seven Wonders of Georgia
1. Amicalola Falls  
2. Okefenokee Swamp  
3. Providence Canyon  
4. Radium Springs  
5. Stone Mountain  
6. Tallulah Gorge  
7. Warm Springs
D. Climate  
1. Temperature  
2. Precipitation
E. Geological/Historical Time in Georgia  
1. Paleo Period  
2. Archaic Period  
3. Woodland Period  
4. Mississippian Period

V. Visiting Georgia

A. Communication- Speaking and Listening
1. "Life in the Swamp" monologue  
2. Quotes about Okenofenokee swamp  
3. Activity- "Georgia on my Mind"  
a. Write song  
b. draw "swamp life"  
c. childhood-swamp vs. urban/ now and then 
d. "Urbanized" swamp- what if?
4. Seeds of change - novel  
a. Read aloud and silently  
b. Discuss and predict
B. Composition
1. "My wonder"  
2. Travel brochure
C. Research
1. Research regions and 7 wonders  
2. Brochure and commercial
D. Universal Themes
1. "Life in the swamp" monologue  
2. Seeds of Change - novel 
Performance Tasks and Rubrics
Project "It's a Swamp Thing" 
  • Creativity 
    • a. unique 
    • b. colorful (in words or picture)
  • Demonstrates understanding of the Okefenokee Swamp 
    • a. uses descriptive words or captures description in a picture
    • b. contains 10 details of Swamp life
  • Organized
    • a. presentation flows
    • b. prepared and practiced
  • Effective Speaker
    • a. faces audience
    • b. speaks loudly and clearly
    • c. familiar with parts spoken
    • d. explains picture effectively
    • e. stage presence(doesn't lean on desk or wall, no hands in pockets, etc.,)
  • Written Work 
    • a. content
    • b. organization
    • c. grammar and spelling
  • Visual aid
    • a. neatly drawn 
    • b. neatly colored
    • c. organized in structure
    • d. content of picture
Each category rated on a scale of 1 to 10 (possible total of 50 points) with: 
  • 1 = not demonstrating an understanding of the knowledge of concept and/or did not meet criteria of assignment.

  • 10 = demonstrates knowledge and understanding, meets criteria of assignment to its fullest.
  • Second Activity Questions for the novel Seeds of Change 

    Answer the questions after your group finishes reading the segment for the day. Discuss and have each person write the answers to the questions below. 

    1. What does Rachel's father plan to do? List the positive attributes and drawbacks of the project. 

    2. How does Rachel first feel about going to Georgia? Why? 

    3. Why do you think the people in the store talked so negatively about the swamp flower? What does the swamp flower symbolize to the people? 

    4. What was Rachel's first reaction to the swamp. What caused her to feel this way? 

    5. List many, varied words and/or phrases that describe the swamp. 

    6. List many, varied phrases that describe the "Flower Woman." What impression does she make on you? Why?  

    7. What does the "Flower Woman" represent in the story? (What does she symbolize?) 

    8. Why do Rachel's feelings about the Swamp Land Theme Park change? 

    9. List many, varied ways in which the swamp is unique and an unusual place? 

    10. Explain why you think the author chose Seeds of Change as the title of the story? 

    11. Predict many, varied consequences that might have happened if Rachel's had gone ahead with the theme park? 

    Writing:  The Seven Wonders  
              (2 paragraph persuasive essay)  

    60% = content and persuasion techniques 

    40%= grammar, usage, spelling 
    Instructional Activities
    Language Arts 
    Social Studies 

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