AP Statistics Notes
Primary Text:  The Practice of Statistics SE (2003): Yates, Moore, Starnes
Union Grove High School 
These notes are the down and dirty necessary info for success in AP Statistics.  They represent
basic facts, formulas, and skills.  All skills must be practiced extensively using data sets and some form of technology for data analysis.  This will be a great learning experience and, hopefully, the most useful and practical math course you will take in high school.


Consult these helpful statistics links online for extra explanation and exploration

First Semester (Ch 1-8)
Organizing Data: Looking for Patterns and Departures from Patterns

Intro I

Intro II
Why Statistics???

Chapter 1    Exploring Data  
    Outline and Questions
    Sec. 1.1
    Sec. 1.2

Chapter 2    The Normal Distributions
    Outline and Questions
    Sec. 2.1
    Sec. 2.2
    Normal Curve Supplement
    z score example

Chapter 3    Examining Relationships
    Outline and Questions
    Sec. 3.1
    Sec. 3.2
    Sec. 3.3

Chapter 4    More on Two-Variable Data
    Outline and Questions
    Sec. 4.1
    Sec. 4.2
    Sec. 4.3

Producing Data: Samples, Experiments, and Simulations

Chapter 5    Producing Data
    Outline and Questions
    Sec. 5.1
    Sec. 5.2
    Sec. 5.3

Probability: Foundations of Inference

Chapter 6    Probability:  The Study of Randomness 
    Outline and Questions  
Probability Rules Powerpoint
    Sec. 6.1
    Sec. 6.2a
    Sec. 6.2b
    Sec. 6.3

    Probability Project

Chapter 7    Random Variables
    Outline and Questions
    Sec. 7.1
    Sec. 7.2
    Chapter 7 Supplement

Chapter 8    The Binomial and Geometric Distributions
    Outline and Questions
    Sec. 8.1
    Sec. 8.2
    Chapter 8 Supplement

Semester One Exam Review Questions
Semester One Exam Topics

Second Semester  (Ch 9-12)
Inference Conclusions with Confidence

Semester Project Directions

Semester Project Ideas

Statistical Abstract of the United States

The Data and Storage Library

Library of Congress (Official U.S. Statistics on the web)

Chapter 9  Sampling Distributions 

   Outline and Questions 
   Sampling Introduction
    Sec. 9.1
    Sec. 9.2
    Sec. 9.3
    Chapter 9 Supplement

Chapter 10    Introduction to Inference
   Outline and Questions
    Sec. 10.1
    Sec. 10.1a
Blank Hypothesis Testing Worksheet
    Sec. 10.2
    Sec. 10.2a
    Sec. 10.2 Summarized
    Sec. 10.3
    Sec. 10.4
    Chapter 10 Supplement

Chapter 11    Inference for Distributions
    Outline and Questions
    Sec. 11.1
    Sec. 11.2
    Chapter 11 Supplement
Chapter 12    Inference for Proportions
    Outline and Questions
    Sec. 12.1
    Sec. 12.2
   How Many Fish?
    Chapter 12 Supplement

Extra Chapters that would be nice...

Chapter 13    Inference for Tables: Chi-Square Procedures
    Outline and Questions
    Chapter 13 Overview
    Sec. 13.1
    Sec. 13.2
    Chapter 13 Supplement

Exam Review
Here is a wonderful Exam Review for you to complete online...
it will review previous topics and give you confidence.
AND you get to have immediate feedback when you submit the review for scoring.


Review Set 1
Review Set 2
Review Set 3
Review Set 4
Review Set 5

Chapter 14    Inference for Regression

    Outline and Questions
    Sec. 14.1
    Sec. 14.2
    Chapter 14 Supplement

Chapter 15    Analysis of Variance ANOVA
    Sec. 15.1
    Sec. 15.2