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Dear SAGE Parent,

Now that your child has qualified for the gifted program, I am sending this letter to answer questions parents often ask.

When will my child go to SAGE class? 
Elementary students receive instruction from a certified gifted education teacher for a minimum of five segments per week.  Usually this will be on an assigned day.  Schedules may be adjusted from time to time to accommodate gifted teacher training and administrative responsibilities.  

What will my child study in SAGE?
The elementary gifted curriculum is designed to meet the special needs of gifted students, exploring topics in greater depth than in regular classroom instruction.  The five-year rotating curriculum of interdisciplinary thematic units is academically based in science, social studies, mathematics and language arts, but includes fine arts, vocational awareness and technical skills.  The study units for the 2002-2003 school year will be (1) Pioneers and the American West, (2) Mythology, (3) Islands and Oceans. A study of geometry will also be included throughout the year.  

Must my child make up work he misses in the regular classroom while he/she is in SAGE?
The SAGE curriculum is your gifted child=s alternate course of study during the SAGE teaching/learning segments.  Therefore your child is not responsible for the work missed in the regular classroom.   

What about homework?

A student shall be encouraged, but not required, to complete the regular classroom homework assigned for the day the child participates in SAGE.  

How will I know about my child's progress in SAGE?

At the end of each SAGE study unit you will receive a report card assessing skills appropriate to gifted children.  SAGE grades are not averaged into academic grades in the regular classroom, but continuation in the gifted program requires satisfactory progress.

Does my child have to be tested again next year?
No.  Once your child has qualified for the Georgia gifted program, he/she may remain in the program as long as the following continuation policy criteria is met:  A student must maintain a satisfactory performance in the gifted program and the regular education program as noted by regular attendance, active participation, appropriate conduct and attitude for learning, completion of assignments, and acceptable academic achievement.  Guidelines include maintaining a AB@ academic average for each grading period.  When applicable, the AS@ or satisfactory will be recognized. 

In what kinds of activities will my child participate?
SAGE students experience hands‑on learning.  The absence of textbooks allows gifted education teachers to plan a wide variety of interdisciplinary activities to provide enrichment and in-depth study in areas of individual interest.  Instruction supports the Georgia Quality Core Curriculum and is designed to meet assessed needs of your child.  


SAGE Teacher



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