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Dr. Jack Parish

Unprecedented growth continues to be the big story in the Henry County Schools. And I believe this amazing growth phenomenon is a true testimonial to the quality of education offered to children in Henry County and to the quality of life here. Rest assured that citizens in this day and age do not opt to live in communities where education is second-rate; there are too many choices available. I believe that our continued growth is a sign that we are viewed for what we are one of the top school districts in Georgia!

The citizens of Henry County demonstrated a high level of confidence in the school system when they overwhelmingly renewed a one-cent sales tax in March 2002 for school construction. With this endorsement by our community, the school system was able to continue an aggressive construction program.  Currently under construction are two elementary schools, one scheduled to open in 2003, two high schools, one to open in 2003 and one in 2004, and one middle school that is scheduled to open in 2004. The Board of Education has acquired property for several additional new schools all to be completed by 2007. The Board will use a combination of local and state funds to finance the planned projects

With 4,336 employees on the payroll, our school system can be considered the largest business in Henry County. Our business is about providing children with the skills and knowledge to compete in the 21st century. To this end, we are committed to recruiting and training top quality professional and support staff. This year nearly 380 teachers new to our school system took part in our Teacher Induction Program, a week-long orientation process that has won state and national acclaim.

We are committed to continuously reviewing and strengthening our academic program. Our goals include placing special emphasis on improving the use of instructional technology, improving student attendance, and challenging students to meet higher expectations, both in academic achievement and in demonstrating courteous, responsible behavior.

With the strong support of our parents and business partners, we are confident that the Henry County Schools will continue to meet the community's high standards. We welcome you to join us in creating a school system that reflects the values and aspirations of one of the nation's fastest-growing and most promising counties.

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